Blogging is not my cup of tea obviously but I am very proud of this shoot & it has ignited me to start blogging so hooray for that;)

Every year around this time, after the craziness that is summer & wedding season, I have some time to step outside of my box & team up with other girl bosses who want to create something new & exciting.

This session took place on Capitol Hill, Seattle & was the first time I got to be in front of the camera as well as manning the editing process. The AMAZING Caitlin of Caitlin McConnico Photography met up with all of us gals & we are so glad she was able to shoot this with us because she totally rocked it!

Below is the first stop where we stumbled upon a beautifully graffitied wall…is that even a word? I don’t know but it is now;)


The dress was borrowed from the elegant little shop called Laineemeg Bridal located in downtown Snohomish, Washington. Such a unique bunch of dresses & they really are on top of helping you get the look you are wanting and taking the time to allow you to do so:)

The glamorous sparkly black dress is rented from Rent The Runway which I always have heard of but never used. Needless to say, our first experience totally knocked it out of the park 


The jewelry was a huge factor in this shoot to add some edge to the looks we had going on! Julie Stull from JES Design Studio creates these fabulous pieces by hand and you can get some of your own from her gorgeous etsy shop



Makeup & hair of course made the entire shabang come together & I must say I was feeling STUNNING with that red lipstick! Never had I worn such gorgeous makeup. It was such a cool thing to see my bare “just woken up” face go from what you can imagine it was looking like, to what you see here:)

Huge shout out to Caitlin Austin for the makeup magic & Huge shout out to Shauna Boser for the rocker-chic hair! I seriously wore my hair like this for two days because I loved it so much. Yes I got some crazy stares at the grocery store & I didn’t even care haha



The walls around this area allowed for a perfect touch even down to the sign that said “Union” especially since it was based on two brides & on Capitol Hill;)



The final & main location we shot was Sole Repair Shop. This spot is an event space open to anyone & it held the PERFECT location spot for our more styled table and cake set up.


The table settings & cakes/cake toppers were all created by the creative minds of Jami King & Brie’n Miller

Both are also teaming up to help style my Christmas/Fall mini sessions this year which is going to be AMAZING!!


Engagements make me so happy because they give me an opportunity to get to know my clients (and for them to get comfortable with me)!!

A bride will contact me and it usually starts with emailing back & forth then a quick consultation, contact is signed, and off we go to booking the wedding. What I try to do is learn about my couples…I don’t want to show up on the wedding day and have them feel like I am a stranger.


After shooting a session, my clients see how laid back I am with posing, how easy it is to just be yourself & also know that I will be that exact same way come wedding day.

This session in particular included us randomly asking a couple if we can shoot on their property, Sm’Apples U-Pick Orchard in Ferndale. We totally barged in on a family day but they were amazing enough to let us roam around & photograph in their orchard. The weather was beautiful and warm, the couple was in love & game for anything I asked of them! Can things line up any better?



LOCATION: Sm’Apples U-Pick Orchard (

COUPLE: Kristi Scott and Josh McCann

BIRDS NEST PROP: Antique shop in Downtown Snohomish

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lilja Photography

STYLING: Kristi Scott

Seattle, Wa.

Sunny & cold day.

Styled session with gorgeous girls & a poofy tulle skirt.

And a whole lot of awesome.


We met many people this day..some complimenting the girls, some complimenting me for the set up and one homeless man who wanted to be a model as well:)



So Worth Loving top:

Models: Kim Le & Tori Welch

Photographer: Lilja Photography

Styling: Lilja Photography


I figured this should be my first blog post as it was one of my favorites and personal projects:)This is my niece, Emi, who has a wild little heart who fit the persona of Max perfectly. I liked the idea of having her play Max because it just made me think of myself as a little girl. I was such a tom boy it was ridiculous. No barbies or dolls for me, I loved to build forts in the woods and run around for hours on end.

The costume was made by me…I felt pretty cool about it haha. This shoot was something that popped into my head one day & I was extremely pleased with the way the images turned out. Styled sessions are probably some of my favorite to do and will be posting more recent ones very soon as well as paid sessions too.

Thank you for taking a look and lets hope I can keep up with this blogging thing;)

Model: Emi (my niece)

Costume: Onesie from amazon, Tail from, Crown made by me:)

Location: Camano Island (secret spot I adore)

Photographer: Lilja Photography AKA me…Chelsie